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The TWo Sides of Bandit Books


Bandit Books offers approachable services that your creative business needs to keep your finances in order. Whether it's getting ready for filing taxes, keeping your finances organized year-round, or setting up systems to make the most of your businesses's business side, we can help.



With a long and varied involvement in the Art and Craft world, Bandit Books takes on projects that involve installation art, one-of-a-kind books, and custom bookbinding. Past experience includes letterpress printing, running a design & letterpress studio, founding co-working art spaces, and teaching.  

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This is for folks who need someone to do weekly, monthly or quarterly  bookkeeping.  This usually includes entering and categorizing income and expenses in your ledger, monthly bank reconciliations and generating monthly and/or quarterly financial reports.   


Catch-up Bookkeeping

So you haven't done any bookkeeping since you started your business or for the last 5 years and you are too busy to deal with it. Your tax preparer and I can work together to get you up-to date.  We'll get you those useful financial reports for the IRS, for the bank, for your business or for all three. 




Learn to Fish bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is not for everyone but doing your accounting yourself can be empowering. And for some, numbers can be grounding. If you have a desire to explore this or simply want to understand how it works initially, this is a great place to start. I’d love to offer guidance on how your books work and how to operate your accounting software .



This service is often paired with our Raw Bookkeeping service but is also offered ala cart. We can help you set up some basic budgets, calendars, receipt tracking, office organization, strategies for growing or changing your business. Just drop a line. 


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One-of-a-kind books

This is where the color really comes in. With a vast artistic background, rooted in photography, paper mache, sewing, letterpress, bookbinding, papermaking and more, we’re often looking for projects that satisfy some, if not many, of our creative interests at the same time. They can span from temporal to archival, large to minuscule, sweet to... um... spicy? Bandit books is always looking for folks to collaborate with or to just meet up with to talk about books, projects, ideas, and plans.  With connections to the Minnesota Center for the Books Arts,  The Walker Art Center, Oregon College of Art and Craft and more, there are lot's of possibilities and resources to draw from.


We have 15 years of letterpress experience to draw from in discussing print related projects. A few main points of reference are working at Oblation, co-founding the collective printing studio Em Space, being a long-time teacher at the Independent Publishing Resource Center, and co-owning KeeganMeegan & Co, an illustration and letterpress studio,  for eight years. 


Teaching & training

We are available to teach a range of workshops in both traditional and contemporary letterpress printing and book binding. While the expertise for training lies heavily in the print and book arts, we are open to pushing edges on new and innovative classes. 



Based on initial training at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, many of our bookbinding techniques are fairly traditional and rooted in craft teaching that has been passed along to us via books, personal mistakes, mentorships and intensive workshops. Boxes, portfolios and books of all types fall under this header. We are always looking for ways to keep books alive and cherished, especially in the rise of the digital age. 

Installation Art Projects

Perhaps the most non conventional projects are our installation and often ephemeral works of art. While we believe in learning to craft beautiful books or prints that will hopefully stand the test of time, we also recognize that creating for the temporal and impermanent can have an equally significant impact. This is true even if a portion or the entirety of the physical object  (or performance) ceases to exist after a period of time.  Projects have included small anonymous love notes left around the city, interactive 'treasure' hunts, participatory themed events and more. 


Books are the mirrors to the soul.
— Virginia Woolf
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Send a message if you're interested in bookkeeping, bookmaking, or something from a completely different page!