From one-of-a-kind book creations, book binding, letterpress classes, and art installations, here are some of my favorite creative projects


Nest book

The Nest Book was created in conjunction with a temporary installation made in Portland, Oregon by artist Hannes Wingate. Hannes built a human sized nest using only wood and found items from the neighborhood.  It was located just off of East Burnside and next to the Burnside skate park and bridge in a lot that had been slated for construction. The 'Nest Book' was created as guest book of sorts to allow the variety of visitors to leave their mark. It was bound with a stray stick from the left over nest materials and used to hold the covers and text block together. 


No Time

This limited edition book was produced over a 72 hour period. It incorporated letterpress printing, handset set lead type and rule,  multiple print and color runs and overlapped print seams. We used an accordion book structure that held one end of the text block allowing the other to move and extend. The hard covers provided a save housing unit for the pages. It was an exploration in timing, pacing of words and book structure. 


Rainbow PRint

This print began as an experiment on a hand operated proof press. We used a large piece of mounted linoleum, only three colors (rodamine red, yellow, process blue), and an exceptional amount of ink. Most prints where actually inked twice (not standard) and allowed this seemingly simple experiment to bring to life a big bold rainbow print.


Furry Valentines

This furry mixed media valentine is part of a chronology of valentines that have been created over the years. We printed the short message with 10pt lead type on a automated proof press using silver ink and 100% cotton paper. The faux fur and printed paper were cut by hand using jigs and pencil markings. Utilizing the familiar shape of the hear, the soft faux fur, and the delicate typeface was meant for the recipients to feel a little 'melty'.