About Katy

As founder of Bandit Books, Katy Meegan draws on a wide variety of experiences to guide her business. Her experience creating and operating a collective arts organization, starting and running a successful illustration & letterpress printing company for 8 years, and working with creatives from all walks of life allows her to tailor the approach to any project or relationship.  

With a degree from the University of Minnesota in Arts Management, Studio Art and Gender Studies, Katy has a passion for creativity, craft, nature, movement, and thriving communities. These influences led to the desire to work with those needing help with their finances.

Interest in both the energetics and pragmatism of accounting allows Katy to step into the work of money management with fresh eyes and a grounded mentality. She is enthusiastic about meeting with artists, healers, craftspeople, freelancers and small businesses to navigate the financial side of their work.

When Katy isn't in out in the field working with folks on their accounting, she is creating artwork, organizing social events and finding places to partner dance. While she is serious about getting things right, keeping things confidential and safe, she still likes to laugh, chew bubble gum and have a good time.